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The owner and administrator of the server is VÚB a.s..

VÚB a.s., is a well-established Czech firm which has been dealing with the textile industry and textile machinery since 1949. It has always been a significant centre of research and development in textile machinery and participated significantly in the initial development of Open-End spinning and multiple shed weaving and were instrumental in refining and perfecting the technologies involved in both methods of production.

VÚB is a company which takes pride in utilizing its many years of experience and know-how to: - Produce a wide range of counts of OE yarns from various blends of fibres (more).
- Design, develop and produce various custom-made single-purpose and special machines and devices for a wide range of industrial production needs outside of the textile industry (more).
- Provide research and development on OE spinning and a wide variety of different technologies for both domestic and foreign clients (more).
- Offer marketing and technical services for textile, clothing and leather production and for trade and related sectors. These activities are being administered by our Counselling and Information Services Department, which is also an administrator of server textil.cz.

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