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VÚB provides research and development and consultation on a wide variety of different projects involving either textile production or textile machinery for both domestic and foreign clients. We are able to offer customers the highest quality service because our teams of expert specialists have years of experience and utilize the latest technology and equipment. VÚB is acknowledged to be one of the leading firms in specialized informatics and has become a valued, expert consultant to both governmental offices and authorities.

The “Virtual Information Service TEXTILE” project is financially supported by Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic to provide access to information from technical literature and other information sources around the world through the use of the Internet. As the information sources are primarily written in English or German, it is necessary to enter keywords in these languages. In accordance with copyright law, we are not allowed to publish full versions of the texts, so you will be able to view only shortened versions (abstracts). If you are interested in obtaining full versions of any articles in which you have special interest, please contact the administrator.

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