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 Webforum - příspěvek "how to choose a motherboard?"

Název: how to choose a motherboard?7.9.2020 18:53
Autor: danialaroon

How to pick a motherboard for gaming. Comparison between [url=http://comparemotherboards.com/]best motherboard for i9 9900k[/url], best motherboard for ryzen 7 3700x, best motherboard for ryzen 7 2700x and many others. CPU Socket Type: This is the socket type for the type of Processor you have chosen. Each type of processor has a unique type of socket type (shape) that will fit into a motherboard. So you must make sure that how to choose a motherboard socket type to fit your Processor. For example an AMD Processor with an AM3+ socket type will need a motherboard with an AM3+ socket type. Chipsets: How to pick a motherboard and chipsets will usually be unique to a type of processor and controls the communication between the processor and external devices. These will usually refer to the North Bridge and south bridge. The north bridge will link the Processor to high en devices such as the main memory and graphics controllers, and the south bridge will connect lower speed peripheral buses. What all of this means to you is that you should simply familiarize yourself with what a specific Chipset is for a specific motherboard? You can do this by choosing the right motherboard for you, then by simply searching Google for that chipset name to familiarize yourself with what that chipset includes. (Do not fret too long over the chipsets as you can usually select a motherboard based on what it includes as described by any decent hardware retailer – but if you want to know more about the motherboard specifics it might be a smart idea to learn more)

Název: Re: how to choose a motherboard?16.9.2020 12:38
Autor: Flossie Reich

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Název: Re: how to choose a motherboard?8.4.2021 16:53
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